Provide Students with
  • Varied Learning Style
  • Student-Paced Learning
  • Flexible Levels
  • Student Input in their own Learning

Provide Choice to...
  • have students PROCESS their learning
  • have students DEMONSTRATE their learning

Students' Response to Project Choice...
  • “The project was open-ended and allowed room for creativity.”
  • “It could be whatever you wanted. I loved the freedom.”
  • “I liked it because you had more choices to choose from than we had in the past when we did projects.”
  • “The information stuck with me.”
  • “I liked the project because usually we do a poster and that isn't as fun as using computers.”
  • “It was cool to see what others did.”
  • “It allowed us to think outside the box, and do something other than a poster. I thought it was quite fun. “

"This, or That" Video
Video created by Nikki Blank for eTech 2012.
Thank you to Sells, Grizzell, and Davis students and staff.